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Seminar on ‘Aj Aur Kal Ka Media’ organized at Main Campus, Lahore leads University

A Seminar has been organized by the Public Relations Department of the Lahore Leads University in collaboration with Mass Communication Department at Main Campus of Lahore Leads University. The key speaker and guest was a renowned artist and living legend, Mr. Khalid Abbas Dar. The guest shared his life long journey and experiences with the attendees from various departments of the university. Other distinguishable guests were Mr. Zahoor Ahmad Watto (President, Lahore Leads University) Dr. Shafique Jullandhry (HOD of Mass Communication Department), Mr.Tanweer Tabish (Director, Placement Bureau) and faculty members.

Leads students and faculty met Majeed Nizami

Lahore Leads University students visited Nazria Pakistan Trust (NPT) and had an exclusive meeting with NPT chairman Dr Rafeeq Ahmad and Nawa-i-waqt Chief Executive Majeed Nizami. Dr Rafeeq told the students about the history of Pakistan while Majeed Nizami acquainted the students with the Two Nation Theory. Leads Executive Director Mian Zahoor Watto and Registrar Ashhad Ahmad graced the event and felicitated Majeed Nizami on being awarded with the honourary Phd degree from the University of Punjab.

Mass Comm students at electronic media

Lahore Leads University students are widely appreciated for their discipline and conduct in and outside the campus and, that is why, all the electronic media groups desire to have Leads students as guests in their programmes. So far, the Leads students have participated in Subh ki Fiza at A plus TV, Geo Shan Se at Geo TV and Masti Gate at ARY TV.

Visit of Honorable Mr Mujeeb ur Rehamn Shami

Last day, the mass communication department of Lahore Leads University arranged a seminar in which the invited chief guest was Mujeeb-ur-Rehman Shami (President CPNE, Chief Editor Daily Times). He is a very senior journalist and has contributed a lot in the field of journalism. The seminar was held in the seminar of Leads University, students majorly from mass com department and some of from other departments were there in the seminar hall. The members of Leads Editorial Board were also there to write report on that event. Photographers were there to capture moments of the event.

After a sometime wait, the chief guest arrived at the Lahore Leads University. The wait was over and the students welcome the guest very warmly. Other than the chief guest there were Director Students Affairs Dr. Mustafeed Alvi, HOD Mass Com Dr. Hassan Farooqi, HOD English department Dr. Shahzad Farooqi, HOD Computer Science department Dr. Asfand Yar Gillani and some other senior Lecturers of Leads University.
It started with the praising introduction of Mr. Shami by the compare. Then came two talented students one by one and recited HAMAD and NAAT respectively. Then Mr. Shami was on the mic. In front of all students and started conversation, told his own history, he belongs to a village in Pakpattan district of Sahiwal where they settled after migrating from India. He told that he has a 48 year experience in the field of journalism and these days he is doing a program “NUQT-E-NAZAR” that is said to be very good for history knowledge. He told that he was a very good debater at the age of 18. Then he gave some key points on the future, told how to go on as a journalist, what to do? what to learn? how to learn? He emphasized on quality education and said that to generalize quality education there should be well educated and well paid primary teachers because primary is the base of a student’s education.

He said some important lines for the students, like: Build yourself. Your target audience is the whole world. He said that your degree doesn’t make you successful in life you must be capable and expert of your field. According to him: There are 3 important things that make you a good media personality 1- Information 2- Knowledge 3- Integrity/Character
Then some questions were raised from the audience side.
In reply of question from a student, he said you don’t say all progress is because of electronic/print media, it’s the man behind them. Another question was raised that why Pakistani media is expressing other countries cultures like India and Turkey. To which he replied that media has to earn money as well so they need to show other countries content because they pay at good rates, in addition he said we should change our minds or change the channel showing other contents.
In all this conversation he gave students of Mass communication, a suggestion that they being journalists should not give any generalized statements because on air you may have to justify your statements and generalized statements can’t be justified. A piece of advice was then given by him: we shouldn’t spend money on things we don’t need. He also mentioned a quotation of Quaid-i-Azam: one should ask himself 3 questions before buying a thing: -Is this thing a serious need of mine? -Is it on a good price rate? -Will it be affordable for me?
And the end of seminar was by giving our honorable guest a Medal of Honor by the Director Students Affairs Dr. Alvi.

The second monthly meeting of LMO held at City Campus By Abdul Waheed

Lahore, June 27th recitation of the Holy Qur’an followed by the welcoming note by Dr. Hassan Farooqi, the convener of LMO. His motivating and encouraging remarks set the momentum of the session. While addressing to the participants, he said with conviction that the number of participants does not matter but the commitment, dedication and perseverance decides the fate of such platforms. To him, contribution made by a single member would be more than enough to achieve our objectives. Department faculty that includes Mr. Zeeshan Zaighum, Mr. Yousaf Bashir, and Mr Shahzada Usman were also present.
Dr. Hassan Farooqi invited the participants to share their findings with the forum to have some concrete contribution in front of them. One of the participants brought a daily Urdu newspaper. He highlighted several language mistakes in editorials and pointed the sentences beyond the comprehension of a common man. Dr. Farooqi urged the presenter to provide cuttings of the editorials to LMO, which would later be sent the concerned authority to look into this matter closely and use easy-to-comprehend and easy-to-digest language. Dr. Farooqi shared a story which was recently published in few national dailies. The story carried a pictorial depiction of a young girl who was , 2014: The meeting was commenced with the hanged from the tree after being rapped brutally by odious vermin from the same village. The picture was really mind-boggling and soul searing, demolishing all the pillars of social and as well as media ethics, professionalism, sanity and above all humanity. Mr. Yousaf Bashir
showed his serious concerns over the story and said that he is also following the story closely and will be bringing this irresponsible act in the notice of the all concerned from these dailies. He laid stress on the democratization of the media in terms of accessing and publishing the truth. Mr. Zeeshan opined that this would be very difficult for us to draw a line what should be criticized and underpinned in the wake of media observations because the rules set by the concerned authorities do not show any compliance with what is written and what is implemented. Mr. Akram Soomro contributed by urging the participants to determine the limits for media channels. The money making through advertisements has been observed and understood the one and only objective of the news channels being put on air without any set rules or code of media ethics, he added. Another important aspect he underlined was the content of the advertisements; he gave two
examples of advertisements in which there seems to be a huge question mark on the channels’ code of ethics. The cross pollination of ideas opened so many new windows in the minds of the participants pushing them for unearthing new areas. Dr. Farooqi wanted the attendees to decide on what should be our targets; suggesting, recommending, guiding, requesting or highlighting that what should be done for the improvement of a channel or newspaper, as he believed that we have no right to force to tell the owner or concerned authorities what to do and what not to do in terms of their working mechanism. In the end it was decided that instead of focusing on too many dimensions we will be observing the advertisements’ content which is being shown on the news channels as well as printed in the newspapers. The date of the next monthly meeting will be intimated to the members in near future.

Inagural Meeting of LEADS MEDIA OBSERVER held at LLU City Campus By Abdul Waheed

May 30, Lahore: The first meeting of LMO held at LLU City Campus. The Department of Mass Communication has been a vibrant place for thinking, creating and execution something out of the box on a regular basis. The Head of Department Dr. Hassan Farooqi wanted to translate his vision into reality by constructing a Forum called The Leads Media Observers. The primary objective of the forum, according to him, will be to play a tangible role to guide, inform and help media move in the right direction through constructive criticism of the M. Phil students of the department. These scholars will be assigned the tasks and responsibilities to play their role as catalysts in terms of strengthening the social, educational, political and economical fabric of the society in general by using this platform.

The event commenced with the recitation of the Holy Quran which was followed by the welcome note by the Head of Department. Dr. Hassan Farooqi welcomed the participants and appreciated the teachers and students for their presence in the forum. He said that this is a historical moment not for the Department only but for the University as well. He motivated the audience by reiterating that being agents of change we would never give up or feel down and keep our spirits high; even a single person with commitment and dedication would be enough. The meetings will be held every month and the findings of the each individual will be recorded and the relevant ones would also be compiled properly, he added. He was of the view that we will set certain rules for this forum which will be subject to change when unanimously decided or agreed by the members. While talking to the audience he made it clear that there will be neither such designations for this form and nor the involvements of any monetary incentives and perks; we all will be contributing as members, not even as teachers or students but as a revolutionary, he elaborated loudly.
There would be challenges and nerve-testing moments ahead to test our wings but we will be standing firmly on our feet to make this initiative a success. He invited Prof. Zeeshan Zaighum, for a Power Point Presentation made on Media Ethics, followed by Prof. Muhammad Yousaf who threw light on the Media Professionalism. The combined presentations highlighted the importance of ethics and also quoted few examples of violation of ethics from media. Prof. Shahzada Usman highlighted the various challenged which could be faced by the forum for research purposes in the days to come.

Prof. Abbas Rasheed Butt presented his findings on PEMRA Rules and Regulations in connection with the implementation issues. He argued that apart from one sub clause rest of the Rules are debatable and demand serious discussion for the sake of clarity and execution. If we take this forum’s demands seriously then there will be brighter chances of attracting some public or private organizations’ attention which may hire our services in lieu of some incentives, and on the other hand, being M. Phil students you should be different in your approach and thoughts as compare to a lay-man or a person from other fields of life, added by Prof. Muhammad Akram Soomro.
After the house was declared open for discussion. There was a debate that what should we look at closely and how to go for the job as a Media Observer; either we should take one channel, a specific field, both print and electronic media or all the members would be taking one channel for the whole month. As far as the first part of the question was concerned all the participants agreed to observe the anti- social, anti-ideological or other palpable errors, blunders or mistakes committed by the media, with this background the consensus was made on having channels of their own choices to have a microscopic look at the content, concept, substance or other aspects of the channels. Almost all the participants opted for different channels, from cartoon channels to News ones and form Crime programs to Dramas. It was decided that all the students would collect, streamline and record their observations and findings to be discussed in the coming session.

While concluding the ceremony, Dr. Hassan Farooqi extended his warm wishes and thanked the participants. He said with conviction that this platform would gain momentum and more recognition in the days to come. And we will make our presence and importance felt in near future to the concerned authorities, departments, offices etc. by sending the copies of the suggestions or findings. The next meeting was decided to be on the last Friday of June, 2014.

Role of media students in Leads’ 4th foundation celebrations

The 4th Foundation Day Celebrations came to an end with a lot of joyful moments and success on December 31st, Friday. The media students actively participated as not only organisers of the final day of foundation week but also took part in its other activities.

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➲ The 1st day which was hosted by mass communication students, Minhas Justin and Shehroz Shafiq, started with sports activities in Punjab stadium. Zohaib Butt was the sports coordinator representing the department while Nouman Qureshi and Maria Younas got 3rd positions in hundred meter races.

➲ The department has got the literary taste so the 3rd Day of debating competition was of great significance for us. Maria Gul Laraib remained 1st and Atif Sultan secured 2nd position in English and Punjabi debates respectively. Other participants in the competition were Mewish Sohail, Mannal Javed, Adeel Saleem while Wajiha Arif took part in photography competition. At the same time, Mehwish Sohail and Ayesha Haider took the responsibility of hosting at the same event.

➲ The last day of the week having a fun fair, a ramp walk, a singing competition, a skit and a stage play was a merry day for the whole university and the department remained the planner of the whole day. The day was also featured with a stall competition in which Mewish Sohail's Karahi Stall remained number One, Gol Gappay Stall of Zohaib Butt and Mehtab Younas secured second position while Niji Paan Shop of Mehtab and Aruj got third position.

A lot of students exhibited their beautiful dresses in the ramp walk which was conducted by 4th semester student Riaz-ul-haq.

The theatrical performances were dominated by the students of the department. Danish James, Aisha Atta, Ayesha Khurshed, Ameera Bhatti, Syeda Anum, Shahryar, Minhas Justin,Zohaib Butt, Shehroz Shafiq, Ayesha Aman, Mehtab Younas, Hareem Imtiaz, Jamal Bhatti and many others were among the actors while MSc student Ayesha Haider was the host.

The ceremony ended with a thrilling music competition which was co hosted by Maria Gul Laraib. Minhas Justin presented an energetic drum performance in the same competition.

The credit of arranging such a successful event goes to Leads Media Society and Leads Art and Dramatic Society (LADS).

Report by Maria Gul and Minhas Justin +92 341-4030506

Peace Day Interaction
International Peace Day was celebrated at Lahore Leads University Main Campus on 3-10-2013 under the aegis of Leads Literary Circle of English Department and Leads Media Society of Mass Communication Department in collaboration with Global Human Rights Defence and Hindu Sudhar Sabha.
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Defence Day Celebrations
Defence Day Celebrations were held under the auspices of Leads Literary Circle on 11-09-2013. National Songs were sung by students which inculcated in them a sense of patriotism, enthusiasm and national unity.

Leadians visit Nazria Pakistan Trust
Lahore Leads University students visited Nazria Pakistan Trust (NPT) and had an exclusive meeting with NPT chairman Dr Rafeeq Ahmad and Nawa-i-waqt Chief Executive Majeed Nizami. Dr Rafeeq told the students about the history of Pakistan while Majeed Nizami acquainted the students with the Two Nation Theory. Leads Executive Director Mian Zahoor Watto and Registrar Ashhad Ahmad graced the event and felicitated Majeed Nizami on being awarded with the honourary Phd degree from the University of Punjab.
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Mass Communication department Lahore Leads University arranged a study yet recreation trip to Kheora mines and Katas Raj tampels on Nov 21, 2013.
A large number of students participated in the activity while demonstrating discipline. Mass communication head Dr. Hassan Farooqi and lecturers Mr. Zeeshan Zaighum, Mr. Yousaf, Mr. Fraaz Mahmud also accompanied the students. Dr. Hassan Farooqi appreciated the initiative and encouraged the students for future plans. The event was organized by Leads Media Society.
Minhas Justin
Press Secretary
Leads Media Society
Lahore Leads University

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